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    How to connect WIFI for WIFI Thermal Printer

    • Author:Judy
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2014-09-02

    1.Loading paper, open the lid at the bottom of the printer while the printer is turned off.

    2.There’s a round button – reset button, hold down it and does not let go. Then turn on the printer and sustained by eight seconds later let go. Now check the status of the red and blue light which are on the sides of antenna – firstly the two lights are all off, then only red light lit again.

    At the same time, printing out that the printer is back to factory settings.

    3.Now search to WIFI HF-A11 in WiFi list network and connect it.

    4.Open a browser, inputting and entering

    5.Now you can set as following our manual we supplied.

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