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    Warnings on using thermal printer

    • Author:Doris Jiang
    • Release on :2014-09-05

    Printer is the main consumable parts of pos set, the life of the printer , printer operating environment and the use of methods are closly connected. So OCOM always think that the correct use of printer and pay attention to the daily maintenance is of great help to extend it’s life.


    1.       Before using printer, please do not switch printer immediately, should check whether all plug are in good condition first.

    2.       You must use the original power supply and cable which are equipped by our factory, otherwise ,it may cause permanent damage to the printer.

    3.       Paper roll, must meet the requirements (such as the thickness, width of paper, etc.), please clean the printer regularly, pay attention to the movement if there is dirt, if so,you can use use a clean cotton cloth with alcohol to wipe gently, so as not to affect printing.

    4.       When you change the interface card, you must confirm the printer power adapter and the printer powered off.

    5.       Do not put the printer in the wet or dusty environment, or printer motherboard will be oxidized and reduce the service life .

    6.       Try to not let foreign body to inner printer, to avoid printer do not work, and reduce the unnecessary loss.

    7.       When there is a strange odor or noice like such circumstance, please immediately turn off the power supply, otherwise it may cause fire or other unexpected losses.

    8.       It is prohibited to put other goods on printer, If the printer no need work for long time, please pull out the power plug from the socket.

    9.       Please don't disassem, lift, drag. If get defective, please contact the technicians for maintenance.

    10.      Do not make one with high power electric machine in same socket, to avoid burning control panel or interface card by instable voltage.