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    Ms. Susie Shen Accepted An Interview With Alibaba: A Formal Process Is The Guarantee Of Everything

    • Author:Alibaba International
    • Source:Alibaba International
    • Release on :2014-09-29

    Recently, Ms. Susie Shen, vice-general manager of OCOM Technologies Limited accepted an interview with Alibaba. 

    She mainly talked about the importance of the formal process of the company in terms of entrepreneurial experience, business operations, etc. 

    The following is the full text of media interviews (Alibaba International):


    【Guest Introduction】 Susie Shen, vice-general manager of OCOM Technologies Limited


    For a dream of "time freedom, financial freedom, freedom of thought", four years ago, Ms. Shen left the world's top company which she had worked for many years, to give up an easy life of foreign company, and start her business. Along the way, she and her friends focus on reliable Thermal Printer, Label Printer, Barcode Scanner, Data Acquisition, POS Terminal, and other POS Peripheral products, the team is growing actively, background data ranks the forefront of the industry, sales increased significantly year after year, and the company's development is steady. So far, the company has served more than more than 800 customers in more than 133 countries around the world, many are the largest local distributors.

    Editor's Note: in this interview, we can feel Ms. Shen is hearty, and we also be able to find her business is smooth. Compared to most entrepreneurs who have encountered the risks of foreign trade, Ms. Shen’s career is roses all the way, she often owes this to her luck, and we learn that Ms. Shen has used Yidatong rapidly when she started her business in 2010, and this choice made her be successful.

    " I used to work in Wal-Mart's global procurement center for many years, and specification of experience in foreign company make me pay more attention to the formal process, therefore, for Yidatong, I'm very at ease, and also feel the process is very smooth."

    I started my business in 2010, it is very different with the experience in foreign company before, because we will face a lot of small-scale suppliers in the business, which make me feel it hard to communicate with them because of some suppliers is lack of process, so I find, enterprise of the formal process like Yidatong make me feel very comfortable.

    In fact, for this choice, it really depends on Alibaba, and my president also worked in Alibaba, which gave me a lot of goodwill and trust. And just on Alibaba's annual meeting, I quickly decided to use Yidatong when I saw the video about Yidatong, because the export tax rebate has been my obsession. Today, for the successful cooperation with Yidatong, we should be more grateful to the brand guarantees of Alibaba.

    Maybe by my personal factors, I believe that big company will protect our security and the interests more, many customers will pay more attention to security issues of Yidatong when we are talking together, in my opinion, it is no need to traffic these data for Alibaba, which is not a formal business purpose for the company, and it will not take the risk of damaging their brand value, so we still have to understand the importance of brand reputation for regular companies.

    About the process issues of mutual concern about Yidatong, in my using process, and I think there are very few complicated place. In the process, I found that Yidatong's customer service is really professional, on judgment of tax refund point category, she always helped me to secure a higher rebate points, the average rebate points for each order are maintained at a relatively high level , compared to before, the offshore companies have no way to get the rebate to export, which is a good part of the profits of a subsidy.

    In addition, the foreign exchange conversion makes me the most headaches when we choose offshore company, the operation of this part is difficult, and much manpower is also needed, we have no way to grasp exchange rate fluctuations, and the foreign exchange service of Yidatong resolve this problem undoubtedly.

    Also, in the docking with suppliers, the brand assurance through Alibaba Yidatong enhance cooperation confidence between the two sides especially new suppliers, it prompts suppliers to actively complete the shipping invoice links, which facilitates our tax refund links.

    Therefore, the using of Yidatong, it requires a higher degree of the understanding of each other, the formal process produced by Yidatong also protect the interests of the customer greatly.