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    Cost-effective 80mm thermal receipt printer OCPP-809

    • Author:Jack
    • Release on :2014-12-18
    Cost-effective 80mm thermal receipt printer OCPP-809

    Recently, China's leading supplier of special print scanning products OCOM, again for thermal receipt printing adds a new member of the family OCPP-809. The product is easy to use in many aspects, safety and reliability is also optimized design to enhance the print speed to 300mm / s, and comes standard with triple interface, optional audible prompts, a 80mm print in most areas cost-effective models.

    OCPP-809 print speed fully upgraded to 300mm / s, a huge benefit for busy retail industry.

    While taking into account the high-speed printing, OCPP-809 also meet the user in the print state control, effective print width and different needs supplies width aspect, truly worry-free printing.

    Communications interface is also a comprehensive upgrade, the standard three interfaces - Serial + USB + Ethernet interface uses more casual, meanwhile, issued multiple computers to be completed print jobs, making receipt printing and print control is more convenient, greatly enhance the Efficiency receipt printing job.

    Tips for the retail industry to single demand, OCPP-809 optional audible prompts, enhanced key light to flash a single prompt; big buzzer with adjustable volume, even in a noisy environment, but also to be informed of single message. Meanwhile, OCPP-809 cutter easy to maintain design, allowing users to experience the cutter in the case of a paper jam, just open the front cover to the exclusion of error, effectively reducing maintenance time and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the paper exit fence of the product and the waterproof cover integrated design, effectively avoid outside dust, debris, grease, water and other foreign matter fall within the body, to ensure the normal operation of the printer, the printer's use of safe care.

    In the retail industry, neat and aesthetics are often counter to some extent, affect the evaluation of the customer service business, OCPP-809 has a small and beautiful Delicate body, to save counter space operations, enhance operational counter aesthetics play an important role .

    As China's leading supplier of special print scanning products, OCOM has been committed to provide customers with quality products and fast service, the company has customers throughout the world to provide fast, courteous service for various industries!