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    Some knowledge of barcode scanners

    • Author:Jack
    • Release on :2014-12-18
    Barcode scanners, also known as bar code reader, barcode scanner, barcode scanners, barcode scanner and barcode reader. It is used to read the bar code reading device contains information, the use of optics, the contents of the bar code decoding is transmitted to a computer or other device via data cable or wireless means. Widely used in supermarkets, logistics and express, libraries and other scanning products, barcode documents.

    There are many classification barcode scanner, barcode scanner including a two-dimensional code scanner. At present, the bar code is divided: one-dimensional code scanners, two-dimensional code scanners. The main light source is divided by: Avision scanners, laser scanners and imaging scanners and so on. The main use is in accordance with the way: hand-held scanner, scanner platform, stationary scanners. Divided mainly by the type of communication: wired barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners; wired keyboard which source port, USB port, serial port, Bluetooth wireless division, 433M wireless, 2.4G wireless and so on.