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    80MM Thermal Printer FAQ----2

    • Author:Hans Shen
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-11-07
                                                            80MM Thermal Printer FAQ----2
    Keywords:80MM Thermal Printer,serial port printer,Cash drawer,Ethernet printer

    10: Malfunction of the auto paper cutting
    A: See if the SW-1 is off and ensure the cutting function is Enabled or contact the service center for repair.

    11: Red indicator keep flashing during the printing.

    A: Usually it is due to the high temperature of the print head. If printing stopped,please contact the service center for repair.

    12: How to install a network shared printer driver?
    A: Find the driver file of the shared printer from network neighborhood and click it.

    13: Communication interrupts and can not print if multiple ethernet printers works simultaneously, How to solve this problem? 
    A: First check if the network then get the printer ethernet ID, to see if any conflicts of the ethernet ID. Give a specified Ethernet ID to each printer to avoid this problem.

    14: Printing speed is very slow for serial printer

    A: follow this path and change the set accordingly : Driver -- Properties -- Device Settings -- Print Mode -- Print as soft font

           15:Water or other liquid spills into the printer
           A: Cut off the power,we can dry the main board or printer head with a hair dryer, careful of the temperature ( average 50 degree is ok )

           16: Print page without any content (White)

           A:1.Connect printing is ok but self printing test is white

              2.Without any contents for both printing method

            Solution for 1. Font damaged & replace the font chips.

            Solution for 2.  Please replace the printer head and try again. Contact service center for repair if same problem after replace the printer head.

           17: How can we reset to default setting?

           A: Find the card slot on the bottom of the printer.Press the black key ( just press and release ---Reset the IP to default Only )

           18: How to reset the WiFi default setting?

           A:Find the card slot on the bottom of the printer.Press the black key & Hold on ( about 10 seconds ---Reset the WiFi to default )