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    80MM Thermal Printer FAQ

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-11-06

    Keywords:80MM Thermal Printer,serial port printer,Cash drawer,Ethernet printer

    1: Why serial port printer printing messy code?
    A: Ensure the baud rate setting in the PC is same as the printer baud rate. ( we can see printer baud rate from self test page)

    2: Self printing test is ok,but printer does not work after driver installation.
    A: Recheck the installation according to above installation wizard and see if we selected the right port or ask service center for advice if needed.

    3: Cash drawer does not open?
    A: Please enable the cash drawer function from device settings and check the cable connecting way or contact service center for advice if needed.

    4: Malfunction of paper feeding?
    A: Use soft brush to clean the paper sensor and try again or send it to the service center for repair.

    5: Messy code printing after a period of time
    A: Interface board damaged , please replace or repair it.

    6: Malfunction of the indicator light
    A: Check the cable connecting way / adapter / power cord / switch on or off? Or contact the service center for repair.

    7: Ethernet printer does not printer after linked with a router.

    A:Make sure the network cable and router port works well, does the printer IP and router IP are on the same network segment? Is the printer IP occupied by other device ? We can modify the ip with our ip setter software attached in the cd driver. Test once modify the ip : Start - Run - input the 8printer IP - see if any response; or contact our service center for repair.

    8: Messy code printing except Arabic numeral printing.
    A: language switching incorrectly,please turn on the SW-4 switch on the DIP switches.

    9: Fuzzy printing of Chinese character
    A: ON Please turn on the SW-3 switch ( DIP switches on the bottom of the printer )