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Customer Comment


    A Special Birthday Party with Nigerian Customer

    • Author:Ella Zhang
    • Source:OCOM
    • Release on :2014-10-15

    Mr. Y, the CEO of S Company from Nigeria visited OCOM on 10th Oct and 14th, Oct, 2014. Except for the business negotiation, Mr. Y with OCOM market sales team held a special birthday party for Doris – OCOM sales expert.

    S Company set up in 2009, which has been a major player in IP Solution Deployment, ECM Solutions and Networking Infrastructure in Nigeria. Mr. Y builds several phenomenally successful chain stores in Abuja and Lagos. During this meeting, the two parties discussed about the data collector, mobile POS terminal, thermal receipt printer and barcode scanner. Finally, took some samples of our hot selling OCBS-D6000, OCPP-802, OCBS-W700 as the beginning of long-term cooperation.

    On 14th, Oct 2014, finished meeting, Mr. Y with OCOM market sales team held a special birthday party for Doris – OCOM sales expert. Cake, wishes, hugs and pure delight rang in the laughter. It’s the first time for Mr. Y to come to China and it’s the first experience with Chinese to celebrate birthday. Also, the special birthday party left unforgettable memories for both sides.


    Believe OCOM and S company will joint efforts to establish a long-term and stable relations of cooperation. Cheers!