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    Advantages and disadvantages of dot matrix printer

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-12-31
                     Advantages and disadvantages of dot matrix printer

        Dot matrix printer is the first printer in the form, it's a bit like a typewriter print mode, hit the ribbon through the print head on the paper, it will issue a sound like a typewriter. Due to poor print quality and noise, it has been replaced by an ink-jet printer. Although high noise, low-resolution, print-pin easy to damage, but in recent years due to the development of technology, greatly improve the print speed dot matrix printer, reducing the print noise, improved print quality, and toward dot matrix printer dedicated, professional direction, so that the bank passbook printing, financial invoice printing, recording scientific data continuous printing, barcode printing, fast skip print multiple copies and making other types of applications such as printers have an irreplaceable function.
       Dot matrix printer transformation products - Tape printer prospects for marking printed on the following items: plastic film PT, PE, PVC, OPP, KT, aluminum foil, beverage bottles trademark; all kinds of plastic composite materials, plastic bags, paper (stickers, cards), leather, cloth; packaging container bags, plastic products; electronics housing