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    Advantages of barcode technology

    • Author:Hans
    • Release on :2014-11-19
                                                  Advantages of barcode technology
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    Barcode is by far the most economical and practical an automatic identification technology. Barcode technology has the advantage of the following aspects:
    A. Input speed: Compared with the keyboard, bar code input is five times the speed of keyboard input, and can achieve "real-time data input."
    B. High reliability: keyboard input data error rate is a 2.3% error rate using optical character recognition technology for the ten thousandth, while the use of bar code technology error rate of less than one millionth.
    C. Collecting large amount of information: the use of a conventional one-dimensional barcode information can be collected dozens of characters, two-dimensional bar code can also carry information about thousands of characters, and there are certain automatic error correction capability.
    D. Flexible and practical: barcode identification either as a means of identification used alone, and can also identify the equipment as a system to automate the identification, you can also link up with other control devices to automate management.
    In addition, the bar code label is easy to manufacture, equipment and materials are no special requirements, easy to identify the device, does not require special training and equipment phaseOn the cheap.