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    Alibaba Trade Training Camp--OCOM Judy's learning experience serial-2

    • Author:Judy Jin
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2015-01-11
                                                             ---About Mentality

    In this training camp, I learned a lot of skills and method about International trade and marketing, which i believe i will benefit a lot in my future work. However, in the entire training lessones, my favorate class is from instructor Tu Bin who Shared about mentality, as many points are really resonated with me, i have a lot of reflection in this class .

    First, should not just work hard, but must be "work with heart". From the PPT and files prepared, i can get the teacher, who is special attention to detail, Pursuit of the ultimate. A lot of people worked very hard, from morning till night, but the result is not good or as expected, why? The core reason is they don't "work with heart" "Work with heart" includes 100% dedications, being attention to every detail, careful thought, constantly sum up and reflection. In future, I would often ask yourself, do you really "work with heart"? Really do your best?

    Second, being a sales, sometimes you will go through trough, how adjust your mentality, persist, win in the turning point. About this point, i have the experience and feeing, fully understand. My first job after graduation was foreign trade salesman, a good platform and a good start made me worked like a duck, i also loved and enjoyed the job. But my second job in my life and first Job in shenzhen as a sales, made me lose confidence of my work,also myself, then i switched to supply chain field. Looking back now, i realised that it is important to choose a platform, but the most important thing is the mentality. Now back to re-do the trade sales, I believe that no matter how many difficulties encounter in the future, I will not escape, I will have confidence and courage to overcome. Because I know that this road will not be easy, not smooth, once you persist, you will not just gain sucess, but also open a new pattern of your life.

    Third, sales should have liberal mind. Setted up a small part in the course-Share some experience which you think is very embarrassing. I has strong sense of self esteem, was afraid of losing face, somewhat kind of aloof, but successful Sales requires an liberal mind, dare to try, dare losing face. taking about embarassing experience in public seems hard for me, but really said it, not felt bad,nothing lost..so in future, i need to keeping trying, be more liberal.

    Fourth, independent thinking, God helps those who help themselves. Usually i get used to ask others even a little problem, because it was the fastest way to find the answer, but it will make me get used to rely on others, not learnt by myself, can't gain improvement and growth.

    Learned, realized, do it! I hope these insights can be applied to my future life and work, i can be a person who is good at thinking, reflection, 100% dedicated!