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    Alibaba Trade Training Camp--OCOM Judy's learning experience serial-3

    • Author:Judy Jin
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2015-01-12
                                           --- Fisherman and Rich man's Story--About the value of life

    In the lesson of Foreign trade career planning , One part touched me-Fisherman and Rich man's Story.
    A rich man was walking on the beach, saw a fisherman in the sun. Everyday, the fisherman only work half day, half day just relax and enjoy sunshine on the beach. 
    Then the rich man asked the fish man: "  Why do not you fish the whole day ?"
    " Why? " Asked the fisherman .
    "Get more fish to make more money , buy a large fishing boat! "
    " what the big fishing boat for? "
    "Fish more and more , you will become a millionaire ."
    " So what is the becoming a millionaire for ? "
    "You would not fishing , you can ease and enjoy the sunshine ."
    "I'm not being in the sun as well , what difference does it ! "

    Most of us had heard the story before, the teacher guided a discussion for a long time, everyone had different opinion  and shared their thinking based on different Perspective. Someone think Rich man
    and fisherman have different understanding about happiness, they persuit different life value, both of them are not wrong. Someone think The fisherman is not motivated, he can't give his family better life,
    is not a responsible person. Someone think the fisherman should not think about himself only, he should earn more money then he can contribute to community and help others.....

    I think every point of view is very reasonable,since i had no chance to share my opinion in the class, I want to talk about my view here. I think we have to work hard, besides for better economic capacity, riching our life, the most important, we can earn the right to choose our lifestyle, the rich man can choose a leisurely sunbathing on the beach, also can choose to take a private jet to travel around the world, develop a desert island to a tourist destination...but the fisherman dosn't have ability to do these.

    Secondly, I think that if a person who had a very comfortable and changeless life, when you geting old or before death, you will regret that when you are young you didn't strive, no experience,you have no stroy worth to remember. Not experienced the ups and downs , your life will like a glass of water and less taste. There is a saying that you may not be able to increase the length of your life, but you can increase the width of your life. The life you want is mediocrity , or rich and wonderful, choose differently,the value of your life is different.

    Watched a video before , if you do not toss , do not struggle, that your life is waiting for death! Although a bit ruthless , but very reasonable !