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    Alibaba Trade Training Camp--OCOM Judy's learning experience serial-1

    • Author:Judy Jin
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2015-01-10
                                      Team Work--Imitate Being Boss

    Indecisive, fear making decison when i feel i am not ready is one of my big drawbacks, this disadvantage made me miss a lot of opportunities. Based on the idea of breaking myself, 100% dedication since i am here,  this time I did not hesitate,  i was one of the people who ran onto the platform to require"being boss" . After a round PK, i had the honor of being one of the seven "Bosses" , then picked 11 my favorable mates as team memebers . The following experience made me feel that I made a right decision.

    The most exciting part was the "99 seconds 3 Project Relay". The first project-10 persons at the same time left-hand throw a ball and catch a ball thrown by partner at your right, ten times in a row without mistakes. This seems like an impossible task, because close to 10 minutes practice there wass no a single success. However, all partners were not discouraged, encouraged each other, constantly summed up, kept trying. In the first round of testing, we completed the task in 89 secondes!  The potential of every person is unlimited, the strength of team cooperation is endless!

    When we saw our achievements ahead, we were a little loose, the second round of testing too early to give up, at the last minute to completed the third round, the results was not satisfactory either. at the end of the game the best score was 88 seconds, we were catched up!

    First time Initiative being a leader, my appeal and leading abiliy is good, can discover the strenghth of each memember and devide of label reasonablly, was good at summing up and adjusting. However,i was not good at time controlling, not enough determination, a little complacent...all these parts i need to improve in future.

    The next day we regrouped,but I received a Thanksgiving card  from a former teammate , i am so touched and very encouraged!

    As long as you dare to try, you will have the harvest!