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    Blessings from China - The Chinese knot

    • Author:Penny Xiang
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2019-12-03

    Chinese knot is a kind of conventional handicraft and symbolizes auspiciousness, longevity as well as solidarity. 

    Today, it has become an important element of international fashion, not only a decorations, but a best wishes to who we given to.

    The History of Chinese Knot:

    Chinese Knot or Chinese Traditional decorating Knot is a kind of characteristic folk decorations of handicraft art. Appeared in acient time, developed in Tang and Song Dynasty (960-1229A.D.) and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911A.D.) Chinese Knot has now become a kind of elegant and colorful arts and crafts from its original practical use.

    The meaning of Chinese Knot:

    The characteristic of Chinese knot is that every knot is made of a single rope and named by its specific form and meaning. By combining different knots or other auspicious adornments skillfully, which represents beauty, idea and wishes formed. There included different serier of different meanings,below are Chinese traditional pleasant phrases expressing warmest regards, best wishes and finest ideal.

    1. " Full of Joy"                                2. "May you have the prosperity in the new year"


    3. "Double Happiness", for wedding celebration.             4. "Wish you a fair wind"


    Chinese knots can be used for auspicious ornaments: large wall hangings, indoor pendants, car pendants, 


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