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    Bluetooth printer status monitor principle

    • Author:HANS
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2015-01-29
                      Bluetooth printer status monitor principle

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          Printer status monitoring function in the practical application is necessary,OCOM company's Bluetooth printer can send commands to the application after printing is complete software that allows applications The operator knows the printer software has been successfully printed. This function specifically how to achieve it?
        Print status monitor, you need a printer and application layer software to complete with each other, whenever the printer after printing is complete there will be a corresponding command is sent to the application software, application software will make the appropriate command after running get into this, so it can Monitoring in the application software to the printer is printing is complete.
        If you need to implement this feature, printer manufacturers and software vendors need to agree in advance what a particular print end signal, for example, a good agreement whenever the printer prints out: "Thank you to visit" these characters when the printer sends some 16 hex instruction to the application software, application software accordingly get into this command to run after, so the staff can understand the working status of the printer.