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    Cash drawer common faults and solutions

    • Author:Becky
    • Source:OCOM
    • Release on :2015-05-07
    In addition to the cash box inside because electromagnetic means basically metal mechanical structure, deformation, rust, aging is the biggest culprits affect cash box used, the following are common faults and solutions: 

    1, box line fault
    Cash box with the printer is connected by a cable, the cable will directly affect the cash box-off switch. Analyzing the wire off is very simple conditional multimeter diode file available to the user to measure the wire off or replace the wire to determine. 

    2, the electromagnetic coil fault
    Collectively known as the striker solenoid relay, the relay fault we can first be determined by ear. Near the rear of the cash drawer, open the cash box is sent by software command, if you can hear the striker ring relay instructions may result due to the external force eject poor. At this point open the cash drawer check relay's work, re-adjust the striker position or add a little oil in the striker and the core connections, such failures can be basically resolved. If the problem still may have to replace the relay. 

    3, the spring, the guide rail fault 
    Such failures are the most important phenomenon is the inability to cash box pops up, first check the adequacy of the internal spring force, with or without deformation. For deformed spring we can be manually stretched slightly increase elasticity. Just check whether the rail failure rail wheels roll freely, rail brackets without deformation. Rail debris cleanup, add a little grease on the wheel, the rail can be solved. 

    4, retainer fault
    Kahuang fault may be checking the relay failure because relays ultimate goal is to control the retainer, and both must be as long as one fails the other can not work properly. Check bayonet retainer main deformation, rust, deformation, rust will lead to increase friction and can not release the cash drawer. Especially with longer prone to such problems drawer, then correct the deformation, add a little grease erase rust can be solved. 

    5, the lock fault 
    Users often encounter situations the key is lost or lock is broken, and if they just hit third gear drawer file in a deadlock, it is desirable that users do not worry, contact the vendor to re-key or replace with a lock, or in technology Under the guidance of staff to complete the work safety of the open drawer, remember not to use brute force to attempt to open the cash drawer while the drawer irreparable fault.