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    Chinese tea Culture- ChaoShan Congou Tea

    • Author:Doris Jiang
    • Source:OCOM Original
    • Release on :2018-09-15

    To let our foreign client experience our Chinese Tea Culture When they visit us, OCOM organized an internal traning for sales by 15th Sept.  

    Chinese tea ceremony was formed in the tang dynasty, and song and yuan were the development periods of Chinese Congou Tea. Ming dynasty is the peak period of Chinese Congou Tea, promoting the tea art to the stage of perfection chaoshan gongfu tea, originated in Ming dynasty and became a cultural phenomenon of tea drinking customs in chaoshan region, and is an important part of chaoshan diet culture. It has been designated as a national "intangible cultural heritage", which is a wealth left by the ancestors of chaozhou. It is also a unique Chinese tea culture and a "living fossil" of ancient Chinese Congou tea.

    In Chaoshan, They learn how to make tea when they are 3 years old. There are tea house in every 100m, and you will also see people are tasting tea in every 20m. They have at least a tea set each family, one hand, they taste it themselves and on the other hand, they entertain friend to express their hospitality.

    Congou Tea is usually using Wu long tea, Only this kind of tea can get rid of the color and fragrance required. Standard Congou Tea include :

    1 Perare the tool for boiling water

    2 Boil Water

    3 Select Tea

    4 Put Tea in the Teapot

    5 Scald Cup

    6 Heat Pot

    7 High Rush

    8 Low Pour

    9 Cover foam

    10 Showing Pot

    Reference video: http://tv.cntv.cn/video/C28590/4d44c2f4a35d4e3e822f1faf5c7860cd