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    Common malfunctions and troubleshooting of Wireless Barcode Scanner

    • Author:Doris Jiang
    • Source:OCOM Original
    • Release on :2014-10-14

    Common malfunctions and troubleshooting of Wireless Barcode Scanner

    Question 1: reader does not a laser, or boot immediately after the automatic shutdown, or blue lights flashing.

    The battery runs out, please charge.


    Question 2: scanner can scan the barcode, but no date in the computer.

    please find solution as following describes phenomena:


    If scanner indicator light red, indicate data didn’t upload to the receiver

    Receiver not connected, or

    If serial port, it didn’t connect with the power supply

    Make receiver connected to the computer;

    Or make serial port into power.


    The receiver and the scanner does not match, or communication parameters changed after matched

    rematch the receiver and the scanner

    If scanner indicator light blue, indicate data upload to the receiver

    Receiver interface juggled, or

    Wrong setting

    Reconnect and scan the "restore default settings"。

    If you still can't normal process, please set interface type by "user manual".


    Or incompatible interfaces

    a new computer test.


    Question 3: scan the barcode scanner, issued a "sound the alarm beep beep".

    The scanner memory is full, can not continue to storage bar code data. The reasons for this situation may be:

    a.     Scanner is out of range of the receiver, so the data can not upload. This situation just approached the receiver, scanner data can be automatically upload.。

    b.       The scanner and the receiver is not matching, or matched and change communication parameters. rematching can be automatically uploaded data.

    c.       The receiver is not connected or not connected computer. If you are using a serial interface, there may be voltage of serial cable not connected.


    Question 4: scanner normal scan, but bar code data show a significant delay.


    a.  The same A. channel radio is busy, please change the wireless communication channel, and then rematch.

    b.  upload the data interval shorter through the "user manual" . The default interval is 0.5 seconds.


    Question 5: reader scan is normal, but the data output is not correct.

    a.cable interface loosen, reconnect.

    b.If it is PS2 cable, garbled data output, there may be a device receiving data does not match the speed and reader。

    c.Check whether opened Chinese input method in your computer, if so, close please.


    Question 6: reader for some barcode cannot decode.


    a.barcode has defects, try to scan the barcode of the same type of test, to see whether can interpret.

    b. The distance Between the B. reader and bar code is not appropriate, please move close or move far bar code.

    c.For printed poor quality of the bar code, the reading distance, preferably 5-15 cm.


    Question 7: other situations that cannot be decoded.

    a. close equipment supply; connected equipment and reader correctly; open the equipment power supply, match the receiver and scanner, scan it and restore default settings, and then take a test.

    b.If the problem cannot be solved, please contact the dealer or manufacturer.