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    Dot matrix printer 's working principle

    • Author:Hans Shen
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-10-17
                                          Dot matrix printer works

             Printer ribbon mechanism with mechanical drive and motor drive in two. For mechanical drive ribbon mechanism, when the printer starts printing, the control circuit drives the carriage about sports. When the carriage moves to the left, move to the left to drive ribbon cable, ribbon cable ribbon transport mechanism in the pulley above, rolled pulley rotates counterclockwise direction while moving left and ribbon drive gear the left gear, driven gear is rotated clockwise to the right; the ribbon and the ribbon drive gear of the transmission gear engaged with the gear on the left, and therefore to drive the ribbon drive gear is rotated in the counterclockwise direction, to drive the ribbon and the ribbon drive gear counterclockwise to move from one end of the ribbon cartridge ribbon is folded into the box, but the ink cartridges to the core ribbon, ribbon from the other end of the ribbon cartridge out of the print head is moved to the next.
    When the rightward movement of the carriage, is moved rightward to drive the ribbon cable; simultaneously rolled ribbon cable pulley is rotated in the clockwise direction while moving in the right direction and right side of the ribbon drive gear of the gear and drive transfer ribbon gear gear rotates in the counterclockwise direction to the right; the ribbon around the drive gear and the two gears engage with each other, so the right side of the ribbon drive gear of the gear drive gear to rotate in the clockwise direction to the left, while the ribbon drive gear The left side of the ribbon drive gear drive gear rotates counterclockwise ribbon ribbon drive gear and driven counterclockwise moves into the ribbon cartridge. For motor-driven ribbon mechanism, generally eliminating pulleys and ribbon drive gear, driven directly by the motor ribbon ribbon drive gear, drive ribbon moving through the print head into the ribbon cartridge.
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