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    FAQ for POS Terminal P8000

    • Author:Doris Jiang
    • Source:OCOM Original
    • Release on :2016-07-08

    FAQ for Pos Terminal P8000


    Q1: If bag available ?

    A1:Yes,it can be customized with MOQ:200.

    Q2: Can you do UK power plug?

    A2: Default is US Power plug, we will provide OTG Adapter for samples. It can be customized with specific power plug with MOQ:200

    Q3:How many battery core?

    A3: Single

    Q4:Can you provide Touch pen for signature?

    A4:Yes, MOQ:200

    Q5: Can you do PCI Cert?

    A5: We can assist clients to do PCI Cert.

    Q6: What’s the IP Level? Can do Level 65?

    A6: We do as IP54 standard, no cert. As this pos terminal have printer, it can’t do IP65

    Q7: Do you accept SKD?

    A7: Yes, accept with MOQ:200.

    Q8: If you can do Fringer Print? Need Bigger room 360 degree press and What’s the type?

    A8: P8000can’t , but New model K6 can, and capacitive type.

    Q9: Can camera 5M AF up to 8M?

    A9: Yes, it can be customized with MOQ:1000, cuz we need modify the mainboard.

    Q10: If can do scanner?

    A10: P8000can’t , but K6 can do both for 1d&2d barcode scanner .

    Q11: If it can be as USB host?

    A11: Can’t

    Q12: What cert you done for your contact card Reader?

    A12: Not done yet.

    Q13: How height the drop protection you can do?

    A13: 1.0-meter

    Q14: Can you do other color?

    A14: It depends on what color you need, default is black or red.

    Q15: Can your Panel or battery, all place in the machine, have no Chinese?

    A15: Yes

    Q16: Is it Single Sim Card or Dual?

    A16: Single

    Q17:Not support Unique code?

    A17: It print as bit map, so any code, pics or characters can print.

    Q18:Can you help to Install the Google APK in advance?

    A18:Yes, it will be default.

    Q19: If it CE Certificated?

    A19: Yes, also have EMV level 1, PBOC level 1, PBOC level 2.

    Q20:What’s Cert you done for GSM?

    A20: Qualcomm 8X12,certification: CTA、3C & Chinese network access license 

    Q21:What the model no for Main chipset?

    A21: Qualcomm 8X12 with model no MSM8212

    Q22:What’s the Max printing speed?


    Q23:How to show the rest battery capacity?

    A23: battery1 % icons

    Q24:What’s theAntenna power?

    A24: RFID HF, 3dbm

    Q25: What’s the wifi power?

    A25: 20dbm

    Q26: What’s the Bluetooth power?

    A26: 6dbm

    Q27:Can you update android 4.4 to 6.1?

    A27: Can’t

    Q28:Can you do film screen?

    A28:Yes,MOQ:200 with additional cost.

    Q29:What’s the speaker power?

    A29: 0.5W

    Q30:If it have outer antenna?

    A30:Don’t have