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    How to change printer IP

    • Author:Mercy Zhang
    • Source:OCOM Originals
    • Release on :2015-03-16

    You can follow these steps to change the printer IP:

    1. Ping the IP which you want to set for printer, to see if it's available in your network.

    2. Connect printer to your network with an Ethernet cable, meanwhile, connect your computer to the same network via Wifi or Ethernet cable. Change your computer IP to 192.168.1.* ( the first 3 parts are same as printer original IP, the fouth part * can be any number except for 100. If your computer original IP is 192.168.1.*, the fourth part is not 100, then you don’t need to change computer IP, and don’t need to do step 3 and step 4 either).

    You can change your computer IP in : Network and Shairing Center -- Local Area Connection -- Property -- TCP/IPV4.

    3. Open browser, input printer original IP ( and go into setting page.

    In Configuraton, you can set printer new IP ( make the printer's new IP first 3 parts same as your local network IP, the 4th part should be different.). Don't need to change MAC address.

    4. Change your computer IP back, like step 2. Make sure the first 3 parts of your Local network IP, computer IP and printer IP are all the same.

    5. After step 4, printer IP changed. You can test it.

    a. In " Device and Printer" , find the printer driver, right click mouse and go into " printer properties ". In " Ports ", click " add port " , choose " Standard TCP/IP Port ", click " New Port " , Next, input Printer IP which you set in step 3 (if you don’t need to change printer IP in step 3, you can input And follow the steps till the port added successfully.

    b. In " Ports " , choose the IP you just added, click apply. Go to " General " , click " Print Testpage " , printer will print a testpage. You can find New IP on the testpage.