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    How to correctly use barcode scanner?

    • Author:Becky
    • Source:ocomsales04
    • Release on :2014-09-03

    The basic working principle of barcode scanner:

    Light emitted from the light source is irradiated through the optical system to the barcode symbol; reflected light imaged on the photoelectric converter through the optical system, to produce an electrical signal, after circuit amplification, the signal will generate an analog voltage. It’s proportional to the light reflected back which is irradiated to the barcode symbol, and then after filtering, shaping, forming a square wave signal that corresponding to the analog signal, interpreted by the decoder to digital signals that can be directly received by computer.

    The using steps of barcode scanner:

    1. Insert the scanning gun, (until you hear a beep barcode scanner successfully installed).

    2. Open the EXCEL (or any software that you can enter text);

    3. Locate the cursor to the cell that needs entering;

    4. Scan the barcode (set the barcode scanning mode according to needs, such as enter, line feeds, continuous scanning);

    5. Scan completed, save.