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    How to extend the life of the print head of the barcode printers?

    • Author:Becky
    • Source:OCOM
    • Release on :2014-11-14

    Bar code printing head is the most fragile, bar code printer device. It is a loss of goods like cars, will eventually damage, constantly pay attention to maintenance, however, can prolong the life of the bar code printing head.



    To play the best effect, when each with a roll of ribbon or a roll of thermal paper need to clean the print head at a time. Note when clean bar code printing head to take off the ring to prevent scratch the print head, using grounding metal belt or anti-static pad to prevent electrostatic damage to print head.


    Usable cotton swab soaked in 70% alcohol, first close the printer power supply and open the print head, brush with a small amount of cotton in the mechanical parts of the printer, or gently blowing dust (such as roller, paper/ribbon sensor and the print head). Do not use any hard metal or wear tools (such as a screwdriver) to grind the print head of pollutants.


    With alcohol cotton bar pressure in the print head to wipe from top to bottom out, then the rotating rollers, use it to turn while brush, cotton stick dirty don't use.


    Effects that lead to the print head early damage:

    Scratch - label/ribbon will move through the long-term of the print head wear protective layer of ceramic coating, exposes the print head needle (or points) and finally damage.


    Method to avoid scratch:

    Often clean the print head back and use the high quality for a smooth layer thermal transfer ribbon with membrane in order to reduce friction.

    Try to reduce the print head print temperature and pressure.

    Ensure the ribbon width to prevent exposure to the print head is wider than tag label scratch.


    The problem of ribbon:

    Ribbon back layer caused by dirty - after the print head is thermal paper and thermal transfer ribbon pollution will need to set value of the high temperature and high pressure, high speed high. Pollutant accumulation on the print head needle heat transfer obstacle and affect the quality of printing image. Pollution increases gradually decreased print quality and print looks matt or damage to the needle. Pollutants and make wet cotton swab to clean.


    In order to avoid the ribbon back layer caused by the dirty, need to use is back with a layer of protection of thermal transfer ribbon, the ribbon needs to consult non-viscous ribbon, both electrostatic and lubrication.    


    In addition:

    Often maintain the print head。

    Use the print head protection film can quickly and easily remove the print head waste accumulation.