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    How to solve the problem of no paper feed in for Dot Matrix Printer?

    • Author:Becky
    • Source:OCOM
    • Release on :2014-10-31
    1 Check whether the printer is connected to a good power supply.

    2 front and rear feed lever position is correct. (Adjust the position of the lever is generally on the side of the printer, or before or after. It is good to read, because it can only pull shifted two positions, either up or down, or before or after.)

    3 careful observation observe whether the feed gap card confetti or other foreign matter. There is taken from.

    4. Place the front of the printer (or after) the cover off, with a clean cotton cloth carefully wipe the feed at the purpose of doing so is to wipe the feed sensor, its shape is two centimeters square, the material is half brightly lit plastic. Careful observation can see see.

    5 Restore the factory settings, or modify coms printer port settings.