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    How to solve the problem of thermal printer is not clear

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2015-01-19
                                How to solve the problem of thermal printer is not clear

        Thermal printers use after a long time, the situation is not clear print occasionally occur. When we encounter such a situation should be how to do it?
        First, we need to troubleshoot printing unclear situation where cause thermal printer is not clear, there are many situations in which there are a few most likely to occur are:

    1. Print head a long time without cleaning, if long-term, then do not clean the print head, print head to produce the above will fouling, dirt will hinder heated print head for thermal paper, thermal paper heating hampered if so, print out the handwriting it will not be clear. In view of this situation, we should not use alcohol to clean the print head in a power outage after the completion of dry cleaning before use. So you will find a printer to print out the handwriting resumed clear.

    2. The print head inadequate power supply, printer long-term use of various lines are aging, make the circuit resistance increases, resulting in insufficient supply of the print head, if the print head will affect the power supply is not adequate thermal print head, the print head is hot Abnormal cause print is not clear. In such cases, please replace it with a new adapter, and remove dust at the power connector.

    3. Thermal paper is damaged, sometimes the printer to print out the handwriting is not clear also need to check the thermal paper, thermal paper if damage can also cause print is not clear.