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    LAN printer Advantages

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-12-26
                              LAN printer Advantages

    Print speeds are significantly increase
    In the printing process of the printer, the data transfer speed is a more important factor affecting print speed, especially in some high-end laser printer, the printing process, the computer needs the amount of data sent to the printer is very large, therefore, the data transmission speed of Print speed impact is obvious. The most immediate advantage of network printing reflected in its speed. Especially in print some data than larger, complex (including complex graphics, high-precision image, more special fonts) document, when color documents, network printing can clearly demonstrate its speed advantage.

    Same excellent print quality
    Due to network printing with transmission speed advantage, the printer can be used to generate large amount of data to explain the standard page description language PCL and PostScript, and further improve print quality.
    Easy management, low running costs
    The print server management solution comes, administrators can easily manage the printer via the management software, in addition to large-capacity memory for user file management and other aspects than the traditional printing method has a very distinct advantage.

    Network more open, sharing more thorough
    Because after use network printing technology, multiple computers can share the same printer, at the same time they shared printer basic print performance, can also share some of the additional features of the printer.

    More reliable
    Compared with the original print sharing, network printing failure rate is extremely low, the computer does not need to transit, because the machine is busy or does not affect the print job to crash other computers connected to the network. Network printer directly connected to the network, therefore, generally will not crash or crash.