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    Matters needing attention for using thermal receipt printer

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-09-25

                             Matters needing attention for using thermal receipt printer

    (1) the printer's power adapter is connected to a constant voltage of 110 to 220 volts, please do not use other devices on the same power outlet to avoid voltage fluctuations.

    (2) The printer should be installed stable, vibration and impact printers to avoid causing damage to the printer

    (3) should be avoided, such as water or metal conductive material into the inside of the printer, the event please power off immediately.

    (4) If not using the printer, disconnect the power adapter's power.

    (5) Before inserting the power cable or data cable, make sure the printer power is turned off.

    (6) Do not disassemble the printer user repair or reconstruction.

    (7) Make use of strict adherence to the recommended method of using the manual that came with the product described.