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Customer Comment


    Mercy’s Enquiry Analysis and Reply – Part 1

    • Author:Mercy Zhang
    • Source:OCOM Originals
    • Release on :2015-01-21



    1. There’s no telephone number and no address in contact information. Email is hotmail. --- Can search client’s Skype ID with his email address.

    2. Client registered on alibaba on Jan 10th, 2015. Enquiry was sent on Jan 12th. Client checked 10 products on alibaba, sent 2 enquiries (excludes my enquiry). --- Client may be new in this field. Or he registered specially for this product.

    3. Client is paying attention to POS Systems, printers, navigation & amp, GPS and searched Bluetooth printer on alibaba.

    4. Enquiry was not sent under any of our product, but under our company website. --- Client checked the spec of our printer and visited our company website.

    5. Enquiry content: required 58mm, Bluetooth, for Android, need api. --- Client might be from technical department.

    6. Client didn’t mention quantity and time to take the product.

    My reply 1 :


    1. Considering the client might be new in this field, or first time to deal with this product. So I mentioned the applications which our printers suitable for, to make the client feel confident in our product.

    2. Listed specific applications we’ve done. If the client’s application is the same, he will be happy with it. If it’s not the same, he might tell me his application.

    3. Tell client our printer supports Android, we provide api.

    4. Ask quantity and application.

    Client’s reply 1:

    To be continued...