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    N13 Automatic Counterfeit Money Detector Cash Detector Money Detecting Machine

    • Author:Anna Zhuang
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2019-08-17

    Automatic Counterfeit Money Detector Cash Detector Money Detecting Machine (Model No.:N13)

    Dear Customer, today I would like to introduce you one of our popular model N13 - Portable money counter with battery.

    As most of bill counter do, N13 can check the banknotes with UV(ultraviolet), MG(magnetic), IR (infrared), size detection. It shows pieces of banknotes and total value of each currency type. Most importantly, it owns rechargeable lithium battery inside for portable usage (optional). Also, the software of N13 can be updated through USB port. support currencies of EUR, USD, RUB, TRL, INR, etc.

    Immediate banknote verification  
    Reduces counterfeit losses due to human error   
    Saves time & labor costs
    Quick and easy to use    
    Multi-detection: Magnetic, and infrared       
    Easy to use with a "Passed or failed" test     
    High speed: less than 1 second per bill
    Currency accepted: U.S. dollar/programmable     

    Check method: pattern, magnetic, IR, UV, Safe Line    
    Detecting way: Put the banknote against the left of the entrance       
    Detecting speed:<0.5seconds/piece   
    Power supply: AC 110 to 240V, 50/60Hz or DC 12V/1.0A      
    Display: LCD white LED backlight  
    Rated power:<10W      
    Battery:rechargeable lithium battery 11.1V/3500mAH
    Operation temperature:0ºC - 40ºC      
    Storage temperature:-20ºC - 65ºC       
    Carton dimensions: 850 x 390 x 295mm
    dimensions: 155 x 137 x 82mm      
    Outer packing: 20pcs/carton
    Net weight:0.6kg   
    Gross weight of Carton: 17kg