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    OCBS-D005 Mini scanner refresh program approach

    • Author:HANS
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2015-12-18
                                 OCBS-D005 Mini scanner refresh program approach

    Portable scanner, mini scanner, warehouse inventory machine

    OCBS-D005 is a portable mini-scanner, this scanner contains warehouse inventory, data logging and upload function. Small

    Type of warehouse management to bring great convenience.

    When OCBS-D005 Mini scanner fails, we normally refresh the program by way of a preliminary diagnostic scanner

    Off, a lot of fault can refresh programTo resolve. Step refresh procedures are as follows:

    1, in the closed state of the device, remove the device's battery.

    2, hold down the power button and hold. Then use a USB scanner connected to the computer.

    3, When "wait for the program to update" prompt appears on the screen , release the power button

    4. Open the refresh software on your computer, and select the program package, then chose "download"

    5. After 30 seconds the scanner program will update was successful.