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    OCBS -F2202 TTL232 1D / 2D Embedded Fixed Mount Module QR Barcode Scanner

    • Author:Anna Zhuang
    • Source:original
    • Release on :2019-06-04
    Barcode Scanner,Auto Sense Barcode Scanner,Barcode Reader,Fixed Scanner,Barcode,Embedded Scanner,Scanner
    Brief introduction
    F2202 can read all kinds of mainstream one-dimensional bar codes and standard two-dimensional barcodes (various versions of PDF417, QR Code and Data Matrix. F2202 supports fast reading of bar codes on various printed and display media such as paper, plastic, LCD screens. The integrated design of a single structure with its own decoding engine and multiple external interfaces only requires minimal installation space and is very convenient to embed into various applications such as self-service terminals express cabinets vending machines parking charges and so on.

    Application scenario: car park exit self-service payment, subway ticket machine, ticket gate machine, VTM machine, e-commerce self-withdraw cabinet, smart home storage cabinet, ATM self-service cabinet, self-help inquiry terminal, queuing call number equipment, certificate manufacturing equipment, etc.
    When integrating F2202, you can refer to the following physical size specifications. The structure is designed to note that other components cannot oppress F2202 devices.

    Power requirement
    Supply of power input must be allowed after the F2202 is connected. If the cable is plugged or removed from the F2202 (live hot-swappable) when the cable is live, the electronic parts of the F2202 will be damaged, make sure the power supply is cut off when the cable is plugged out.

    Bad power connection or too short interval power off operation, or too large voltage drop pulse may cause the F2202 not to be in a stable and normal working state, so it is necessary to keep the power input stable. After the power input is turned off, it takes more than 2 seconds to turn on the power input again.

    Interface specification
    • The physical interface of the F2202 is composed of a Micro USB, a USB communication terminal and a serial port communication terminal, as shown in the following figure:
    • Micro USB is used only as a standard USB interface.
    The USB communication and serial communication all use the 4 PIN connection terminal transfer, and the USB data line and the RS232 data line are all selected by default.

    F2202 communicates with host computer through TTL level signal, this interface can adapt to most system architecture. For some systems need to use RS-232 form architecture, optional serial connection line can be directly transferred to the RS232 communication.
    The TTL serial communication interface available on F2202 can support 1200 bps to 115200 bps rates.
    The default configuration of F2202's serial communication interface is 9600bp, 8-bit data bits. No check, 1 bit stop bit.
    • In addition, F2202 can communicate through two USB modes:
    • USB HID-KBW, USB-based keyboard analog device, can be directly connected to PC use, do not need to install drivers.
    • USB virtual serial port, USB-based serial communication analog equipment, can be directly connected to PC use, need to install drivers.


    Physical Characteristics                                                                           



    Sensor Revolution



    USB1.1Standard),TTL-232Optional, RS-232Optional)

    Reading Distance

    EAN130-45mm @13mil QR Code0-40mm @15mil

    Printing contrast


    Scan Angel

    Roll 360° Pitch ±40° Skew ±30°                                                             

    Symbologies  1D

    Code 128, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code 39, UPC-A, UPC-E, Codabar,Interleaved 2 of 5,

    ITF-6, ITF-14, ISBN, Code 93, UCC/EAN-128, GS1 Databar, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 11,

    Industrial 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5

    Symbologies  2D

    QR Code ,PDF417, Data Matrix

    Electrical parameters


    4.5~5.5 V  DC

    Max Current


    Operating Current


    Top view of F2202 (unit: mm)

    F2202 side view (unit: mm)

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