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    OCOM participated in the 2nd “Hundred-Team-Website-Competition”

    • Author:Victoria Wu
    • Release on :2014-12-08

    On December 4th,2014, the opening ceremony of the 2nd “Hundred-Team-Website-Competition” held in Shenzhen. The marketing team of “OCOM Technologies Limited” has been participating in the competition as “Blue 10th corps” in the coming 60days.

    “Hundred-Team-Website-Competition” which is held by hundred of  Cross-border E-commerce companies of chamber of E-commerce. All of these companies have multi-languages network marketing platform, excellent sales team and abundant export E-commerce experience. The final champion will generate based on four aspects: 1. The increased proportion of Google collection in 60days 2. The keyword’s ranking rate in Google 3. Site visiting quantity 4. The quantity of high quality recommending essay.

    OCOM professional marketing website www.possolution.com.cn which is included 12 languages has been online for half year. Many customers found us through this website by their local languages and started cooperating with us. OCOM Team will try our best to improve customer experience of website, to be friendlier to the main search engine such as Google, eventually  bring and serve more superior customers. 

    In order to support the competition, we will offer the biggest discount to the customers who found us through www.possolution.com.cn, especially our main products thermal receipt printer and barcode scanner.

    Give us a chance , is to give yourself a chance ! Any questions or enquiries, please feel free to email us: sales@possolution.com.cn.  More details kindly check our website:  www.possolution.com.cn