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    OCOM Is Devoted To Be A Global Leading Provider For Hardwares of Mobile Scanning Payment

    • Author:Harold Hu
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2017-12-30

    OCOM is Devoted To Be A Global Leading Provider For Hardwares of Mobile Scanning Payment

    As far as we known, the payment of deal is evoluting & changing constantly since the emergence of business activities in the history of human beings. From Cash Payment(that will be physical different material in different times, eg. shells, coin, metal, noble metal, bill etc),to Bank Account Deposit(includes cheques, bank transfer etc),then Bank Card/Credit Card, E-bank, RFID/NFC Touch Payment and so on. Even there’re other payment method which we can’t name or see it. And, Paypal is the earliest online-payment and still have been used in business of world; virtual currency or digital currency is also popular and has been used in our modern world, eg. BitCoin(比特币).

        Today, Mobile Payment has increased to be the most common payment method in China, it almost can be used of anything of deal. Of course, two biggest App of Mobile Payment are Alipay(支付宝) & Wechat(微信支付).Apart from them, Apple Pay or others is popular in other countries.

        Usually, we have much many kinds of means to finish the payment procedure. Let’s take Alipay as an example, firstly we can bond one bank card account with Alipay, then we can transfer money from card to Alipay or Alipay to card, also can transfer to others’ card or Alipay account. The most common is that we use the Barcode-scanning payment to finish the deal for business or anything shopping. To start from here, the full sets of hard-wares will be necessary for it, includes POS Cash Register or Handheld POS Terminal, they usually will be embedded with scanning function or together with scanner device.


        The Barcode Scanner will be usually 1D/2D Barcode Scanner, or Desktop Omni Barcode Scanner. Based on OCOM’s strength & capacity, not only can we make, produce and provide these ordinary or standard products, but also we always insist on researching and developing new products which they will meet the demand from market. OCOM sets the high budget for research & development funds every year, and has built up the strategic partnership with many Global Brand Companies from many fields, like Unilever,Star,O2(POS field),Apple,Huawei,Xiaomi(Mobile Phone filed),Alipay,Wechat,Paypal,Paytm,Spire(Payment field),Bank field,Tyco,AT&T(Telecommunication) and so on.

    If you interest in the following things, welcome to cooperate with OCOM for your projects, pls get free time to contact us.

    1) Will intend to get into the business of POS field, or Mobile payment
    2) POS software or system for many application, eg. Shop, restuarant,hotel etc
    3) You want to distribute or whole-sell these products into your country
    4) Some industrial field, or warehouse
    5) Install & support for POS systems

    Last,Happy New year!

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