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    OCOM Partners With Famous Telecom Operator O2 to Offer POS Solution

    • Author:Doris Jiang
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2016-04-28

    In April 2016, the Czech government passed EET. This new law impacts all businesses and entrepreneurs who receive payments from customers. Businesses across all industries, including hotels, restaurants, shops, wholesalers, transport providers, craftspeople, and so on, must electronically connect to the Czech government’s EET systems and provide digital proof of all purchases in real time. The law will take effect in four waves, with each wave targeting different sectors. Businesses in the first wave will need to begin reporting to EET systems by the end of 2016; all groups will be compliant by 2018.

    With so many different sizes and types of business having to join the system, O2, the largest integrated telecommunications provider in the Czech market, observed that many would need help complying with this law while also maintaining data security. The result?  eKasa, O2’s new secure, scalable POS application and service utilizing OCOM POS related products.


    Together with our excellent partner in Europe, OCOM catched the similar opportunities in Croatia, Slovenia, and other European markets in the past years. With OCOM's reliable quality, competitive price, and speedy delivery, we have built a very strong brand in Europe and won the No. 1 market share there. There are even more than 1% of the whole population in these country are using OCOM products.  That is why O2 chose OCOM as their strategy partner to enter POS market. Now we are serving O2 with our Thermal Reciept Printer, Bar Code Scanner, Metal Cash Drawer, and  others.


    About O2

    O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited, it is a major telecommunications operators in the world (Rank 6) , and the largest integrated telecommunications provider in the Czech market. At present, the company operates close to 8 million mobile and fixed accesses, which ranks it among the market leaders in fully converged services in Europe. In 2012-2013, O2 completely altered the landscape of the Czech telecommunications playing field and became the first operator in the country to open its network to virtual operators while also revolutionizing the market with its unlimited free tariffs.