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    OCOM and UPCRIS COMPUTERS Ltd. Signed an Agreement on Cooperation

    • Author:Penny Xiang
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2018-10-20

      Congratulation that OCOM Technologies Limited have signed a distribution agreement with UPCRIS COMPUTERS Ltd. in July, 2018. The two companies signed an agreement that will last for 2 years, this year is the fifth year since the cooperation.

      Two companies had also entered into a number of bilateral promotion and protection agreements to further encourage business cooperation for both side.

      OCOM has determined that to enhance the development of the market and increase the sales of its product in the Nigeria, it would be advantageous to co-ordinate its distribution activities with Upcirs in the Nigeria who possesses a readily available and extensive sales network. OCOM would like to express appreciation for Upcirs over its long-term support and assistance to maintaining good relationship and developing the market.

      It is believed that under the joint efforts of OCOM and Upcris, OCOM is willing to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in a wide range of products with Upcris. Upcirs had become an important partner in further years.

    Together we quest for the best!

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