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    Alibaba provided High Trade Assurance Line to OCOM which exceeds 99% other Suppliers

    • Author:Victoria Wu
    • Release on :2015-01-31

    Alibaba provided High Trade Assurance Line to OCOM which exceeds 99% suppliers' on the platform

    On Feb 1st of 2015, Alibaba announced that they provided as high as USD115,000.00 trade assurance to OCOM, this line exceeds 99% suppliers' on alibaba platform. The trade assurance will help the buyer's procurement easy and safe.

    According to expert statistics, there are 70% trading face trust ordeal in the international trade, and 60% orders outflows due to the trust problem.  Alibaba releases “Trade Assurance Service” with suppliers and buyers in the end of 2014 to establish integrity of the market.  Alibaba provide the trade assurance to a supplier depending on certification information, trade performance, and other information. At the same time, the buyers comments will show on the website after the transaction completed. This will be the powerful proof of the suppliers’ credit  which can let suppliers and buyers trust each other quick.

    As a verified member of Alibaba for more than 5 years, OCOM pay "Integrity based, Strive for excellence, Win-win cooperation"  as the company belief, and performed very well from millions of aliabab suppliers. That is why Alibaba provides so high trade assurance line to OCOM. This assurance line will refresh every month according to the latest trading record.

    In 2015, OCOM releases many new products as below, you can place orders by using the Trade Assurance Service.