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    Ocbs-2010 High Speed Automatic Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner for Supermarket

    • Author:Lily Li
    • Source:Oringin
    • Release on :2016-05-27
    • High performance imaging technology;
    • Omni-directional scanning, easy to scan;
    • High compatibility for all major 1D and 2D symbols; 
    • Can read the barcode on the screen and color barcode;
    • 5mil excellent scanning accuracy(Can be customized as required) ;
    • Multi special function setting supported;
    • Multi interfaces optional;
    Performance Characteristics
    Resolution 640 * 480, 256 gray levels
    Light Source LED(630 nm ± 10 nm)
    Illumination 0 ~ 100,000 LUX
    Scan angle Standard distance SR: horizontal: 45 °; Vertical: 30 °
    Scanning Speed 25 cm/sec
    Symbology 2D DataMatrix, Matrix 2 of 5, MaxiCode, MicroPDF417, MSI Code, PDF417, QR code, Standard 2 of 5, Telepen, TLC 39, etc.
    1D Australian Post, Aztec, BPO, Canada Post, Codabar, Codablock, Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128/EAN128, Dutch Post, EAN.UCC Composite, Interleaved 2 of 5, Japan Post, Planet, Plessey Code, Postnet, RSS, UPC/EAN,etc.
    Precision ≥ 5mil  Can be customized as required
    Roll 360°
    Pitch 6
    Skew 7
    Physical Characteristics
    Interface RS232 / USB (Virtual port, only support MS and Mac operating systems)
    Voltage DC 5 V ± 5%
    Current 300 mA (working)  40mA (idle)
    Cable 1.5m
    Weight 150 g
    Dimensions 170 mm x 100 mm x 75 mm
    User Environment
    Operate Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 144°F)
    Storage Temperature -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)
    Humidity 5% - 95%(non-condensing)
    China Cheapest High Speed Automatic Handheld 2D Barcode Scanner For Supermarket
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