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    Printers principles and classification

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-10-16
                    Principles and classification of the printer

           The printer is a computer system important text and graphics output devices, you can use the printer will need to text or graphics output from the computer and displayed on a variety of pattern. From the first printer to the present, and printer-related printer technology has been changing. The only output from the past characters and simple graphics to multi-function color graphics processing now, the printer has been in more and more areas plays a powerful role: for example, photo printing, document output, industrial graphics, typography and so on.
          Print accordance with the principles of classification can be divided into the following major types:
    1 dot matrix printer, also known as dot-matrix printers.
    In a very long time, dot matrix printer occupies a very important position, the development of today's mainstream printer has gradually fade out the stage. It has a low price, printing costs, wide format printing, etc., but the low print quality, the big drawback that it can not adapt to high noise, high-speed commercial printing. Currently dot matrix printer has been rare in the general office applications, mainly for report printing invoices and other bills; There is also a mini dot matrix printer, in banks, supermarkets and other units used widely.

    2 Laser Printers
    Laser printing technology first appeared in the sixties and seventies. Initially charged with a laser printer using a helium - neon gas laser tube as the laser electron emitters, a larger volume. With laser printing technology rapidly maturing, many technicians electrostatic copier technology base, combined with laser technology and computer technology, have designed a semiconductor laser printers. Relative to the laser printer dot matrix printer, it is not only good quality print output speed, low noise, high load capacity and the print, so soon got popularized. However, the initial investment cost of large laser printer consumables prices are relatively high, can not multi-replication, but also for print media requirements are relatively high.

    3 Inkjet Printers
    Inkjet printing technology emerged in the early eighties. Ink jet printing ink through the nozzles of the nozzle is intermittently or continuously sprayed onto the print media to form words or images. Inkjet printers mechanical structure is relatively simple, lightweight, low noise, low power consumption, high print quality; disadvantage is the higher cost of supplies, no multi-replication capabilities, but also prone to clogging of the nozzle. Inkjet printer has been constituted with the Big Three in the field of printer dot matrix printer and laser printer.

    4 Thermal Printer
    Thermal technology into China about ten years. The thermal printer mainly through the use of thermal energy transferred to the pigment printing medium on the instrument, which can be adjusted by a semiconductor heating element at different temperatures to control the proportion and degree of shading of the color. It has a continuous gradation characteristics, and therefore the image fidelity and reducing the performance was quite good, especially for color photo printing. Thermal printer than other printers, there are superior color performance, the advantages of printed materials stored for a long time.
    5 other printers
    Other types of printers as well as LED, magnetic, ionic, electrostatic and other printers.