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    Welcome 2 new colleagues to Ocom ---- Scientific orientation help them fit into Ocom faster

    • Author:Clover
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2016-04-11

    At the first quarter of the year 2016, China will enter the recruitment peak, Ocom company has attracted thousands of applicants with the rich industry background and open culture . Clover and Lily successfully Joined Ocom as a new sales after 3 Interviews 

    The 2 colleagues participated in the orientation from April 7, 2016.The training will last 7 days and contents includes products, alibaba, MIC, the company business process, customer service, etc. Clover and Lily will work under the guidance of the sales manager to carry out their work plan After 7 days.R

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    Ocom CEO specially values the level of employee recognition of the company culture and employee attitude to work. Ocom always adhere to the belief of Integrity base, Strive for excellence ,Win-win cooperation to be a reliable POS solution hardware manufacture and supplier .

    Finally , scientific orientation will make new colleagues fit into Ocom family better and faster, at the same time, also provides a good support for Ocom excellent service for the customer! Welcome Clover and Lily! Together we quest for the best!

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    who is Ocom?

    OCOM is a leading One-stop POS and Auto-ID Related Products Supplier which is qualified by Global Fortune 500 company. We have Top 1 level Trade Assurance guarantee. more information ,pls click link :http://www.ocominc.com/About-us.html

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