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    Routine Maintenance for Bar Code Printers

    • Author:Ella Zhang
    • Source:OCOM Original
    • Release on :2015-05-29

    You should clean the print head after finishing each roll of ribbon. It will maintain print quality and prolong print head life.

    (1) Print head cleaning
    Turn off the printer, the print head flips, remove the ribbon and labels, dampened with a little head cleaning fluid (available in 75% of medical alcohol instead) swab (or cotton), gently wipe the print head until clean, then wipe dry the print head with a clean cotton swab.

    (2) Roller cleaning
    After cleaning the print head, moistened with a little 75% as alcohol swabs (or cotton) to clean the rollers. The method is to rotate the drum side of the hand, while the scrub, until dry. Cleaning intervals above two steps are generally three days, if the printer uses frequently, preferably once a day.

    (3) Cleaning of the transmission system and inside the case
    General labels are self-adhesive, which is easy to stick their gum on the drive shaft and the channel, coupled with dust, direct impact on the printing results. It needs regular cleaning. Usually once a week. The method is to use a cotton swab impregnated with fine sprinkling (or cotton) scrub drive each axis, channel and surface and dust inside the chassis, clean, dry.