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    Security level laser division

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-11-12
                                                   Dividing the level of security of the laser scanner

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    Security level lasers are generally divided into four.
         ClassⅠ: low output laser (power less than 0.4mW). Basic does not produce harm to the eyes, you can ensure the safety of the design, not especially management. ClassⅡ: low output of visible laser (power 0.4mW-1mW), usually less than 1mW laser can cause dizziness not think, with closed eyes to protect, generally can eliminate the symptoms. Do not directly observed in the beam, do not use less than 1mw laser direct exposure to the eyes of others, to avoid observation ClassⅡ laser equipment used afar.
         Class Ⅲ have ⅢA and ⅢB level: Class ⅢA level for continuous laser visible light laser beam output 1-5mW avoid observation by afar I laser device, this may increase the risk of the same with Class Ⅱ, not directly in the beam To observe, do not use Class ⅢA laser direct exposure to someone else's eyes. Class ⅢB level for continuous laser 5-500mW directly observed in the beam is dangerous, do not use ClassⅢB laser direct exposure to other people's eyes, so that the danger will be greater.
         ClassⅣ continuous laser output level is high (greater than 500mW), higher than the third level, there is a fire hazard, but also the risk of diffuse reflection, is particularly noteworthy. Children Avoid direct viewing of such lasers. Summary: Class Ⅱ, Class ⅢA, Class ⅢB, ClassⅣ products have a certain level of harm, use and guidance under guardianship, children get more attention, please use the ability of parents or other guardianship guardianship.