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    The Configuration Comparison on POS Handheld Terminal: Z91 Z90 Q1 Q2 T1

    • Author:Penny Xiang
    • Source:Originally
    • Release on :2019-07-30

    With the popularity trends of POS handheld devices these years, more and more quantities exported to most corner of the world, as well applied for different application, project. In this way, there comes different demands for different customers, so the understanding and distinguish of each product's function and configuration becoming important.

    Therefore, here to distinguish and compare the  that hot selling in OCOM's range, it's important to let our customers make clear for each advantages of each product, different configuration will compatible with different application, Hope below information can make customers make good choice, OCOM always be your side.

    Android version Processor Screen Size Resolution
    Q2 6.0 Quad core MTK6737(Q1,4G)
    Quad core MTK6580(Q2,3G)
    5.5" 1280*720
    Z91 5.1 Qualcomm 8909 5.5" 1280*720
    T1 7.0 Quad-core Adopts MT8735V, 64bit 5" 1280*720
    Z90 5.1 Qualcomm 8909 5" 1280*720

    Printer Printer Speed Printing Life Printer width Memory/Storage
    Q1/Q2 Thermal 90mm/s 50KM 58x40mm 1GB RAM/4G ROM
    Z91 Thermal 90mm/s 50KM 58x40mm 1GB RAM/8G ROM
    T1 Thermal 90mm/s 50KM 58x30mm 1GB RAM/8G ROM
    Z90 Thermal 90mm/s 50KM 58x30mm 1GB RAM/8G ROM

    Communication GPS Camera Battery
    Q1/Q2 2G/3G/Wifi/BT No 5MP Lithium 5000 mAh
    Z91 2G/3G/4G/Wifi/BT GPS and AGPS 5MP Lithium battery 2800 mAh
    T1 2G/3G/4G/Wifi/BT GPS 2MP Lithium 4000 mAh
    Z90 2G/3G/4G/Wifi/BT GPS and AGPS 5MP Lithium battery 2800 mAh

    Dimensions Weight Card Reader Storage Expansion SIM/SAM slot
    Q1/Q2 210*85*45mm 0.55kg NFC only for Q2 TF 1/0
    Z91 195*80*45mm 0.4kg NFC Contactless Card only TF 1/2
    T1 193*80*54.5mm 0.4kg NFC/MSR/IC chip card reader TF 1/2
    Z90 190*75*41mm 0.5kg NFC/MSR/IC chip card reader TF/SD 1/2