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    The difference between the CCD and COMS

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-11-05
    The difference between the CCD and COMS 

    As can be seen from the works of two light-sensitive device, CCD has the advantage of better image quality, but due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, only a handful of vendors to grasp, resulting in high manufacturing costs, especially for large CCD, the price is very high. Meanwhile, the past few years, CCD 300,000 pixels from the beginning, has been developed to the 6 million to improve the pixel has reached a limit.
    In the same resolution, CMOS cheaper price than CCD, CMOS devices but compared to CCD image quality produced by it to be lower. So far, the vast majority of the market and high-end consumer-level digital cameras use CCD as sensors; CMOS sensor is a low-end products used in some cameras.
    One of the advantages of CMOS image sensors is the power consumption is lower than the CCD, CCD to provide excellent image quality, to pay the price that is higher power consumption, for the charge transport smooth, noise reduction, the need to improve transmission efficiency by pressure differential . However, the CMOS image sensor of the charge of each pixel is converted into a voltage, amplifies put before reading, can be driven using the 3.3V power supply, power consumption is lower than that of CCD. Another advantage of the CMOS image sensor with integrated peripheral circuits is high, the ADC and signal processors can be integrated, so that the volume significantly reduced, for example, CMOS image sensors only one set of power, CCD but need three or four set of power, due to different processes and CCD ADC and signal processors, to reduce the size of CCD suite is very difficult. However, CMOS image sensors currently the most pressing issue is to reduce noise generation, whether you can change the future of CMOS image sensors have long been repressed fate CCD, the development of future technology is the key.