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    The technical performance of barcode label printers

    • Author:Becky
    • Source:OCOM
    • Release on :2015-04-30
    The technical performance of barcode label printers:

    First, the printing precision:
    The higher the accuracy of the printer,more clear the print, now the highest printing precision is 600dpi, and 200dpi or 300dpi will meet the daily industrial needs, so users do not need to pursue high print accuracy and spend too much cost. 

    Second, the interface:
    Generally parallel port interface, but now a growing number of printer using the USB interface. 

    Third, print width: 
    The printer can print a maximum width, also representing the printer level, in general, the print width of 3 inches to 8 inches are several options, select the printer print width is the determining factor, the user should choose according to their actual needs for their own printer.
    Fourth, the print speed:
    Barcode printer speed is the biggest advantage for ordinary printer. Its speed can reach 12 inches / second. For the same kind of machine, the faster, the lower the accuracy. The user must adjust their machines to achieve the perfect combination of speed and accuracy. 

    Fith, other accessories:
    In order for the printer to achieve the user's requirements, barcode printer manufacturers have designed a number of optional accessories: cutter, stripper, paper holder, etc., the user can choose according to their own specific requirements.