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    The working principle of Laser Barcode scanner

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2014-10-21

                                            The working principle of Laser Barcode scanner

           The laser scanner is the highest index of various scanner function, a scanner in various industries have been widely adopted. laser scanner basic working principle is: a hand-held laser scanner via a laser diode emits a beam of light, exposure to the prism or swing back and forth in the mirror a rotating, The reflected light passes through the read window is irradiated to the surface of the bar code, the light through the reflector strip or empty return reader consists of a collection mirror, focusing, is converted into an electrical signal by the photoelectric converter, the signal terminals through the scanning period, or on the decoding software for decoding. laser scanner into handheld and fixed in two forms: a handheld laser gun connection convenient and simple to use and flexible, fixed laser scanner is suitable for reading the larger barcode smaller occasions, effective hands free to work.

    Advantages: excellent laser scanner can be used for non-contact scanning, in general, more than 30cm from the reading laser reader is the only option; wide density range of the laser bar code reader, and can read the barcode irregular surface or through Over a glass or transparent tape reading, because non-contact reading, it will not damage the bar code label; because there are more advanced reading and decoding system, first reading recognition success rate, recognition speed is relatively light pen and CCD faster, but the printing quality good or blurred barcode recognition effect; error rate is very low (approximately 1/3000000 only).