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    The working principle of thermal printer

    • Author:Becky
    • Source:ocomsales04
    • Release on :2014-09-02

    The working principle of thermal printer is: Mount the print head with the semiconductor heating element, then a desired image can be printed after heating the thermal print head and contacting the thermal paper, the principle is similar to thermal fax machine. Image is formed by heating, generated chemical reaction in the film. This chemical reaction is conducted at a certain temperature. High temperatures accelerate the chemical reaction. When the temperature is below 60 ℃, paper need to go through a long time, even up to several years to become dark; but when the temperature is 200 ℃, this reflection will be completed within a few microseconds.

    The thermal printer selectively heat at a predetermined position on the thermal paper, thereby to produce a corresponding image. Heating is provided by a small electric heater in contact with the sensitive material on the print head. The heater arranged in the form of square dots or stripes by logic control of the printer, when driven, it generates an image on the thermal paper that corresponding to the heating element. The same control logic circuit of the heating element, also controls the paper feed, which can print graphics on the entire label or paper.

    The most common thermal printers using fixed dot matrix print head with a heated one, the print head has 320 square points, each point is 0.25mm × 0.25mm. With this matrix, the printer can print dots at any location on the thermal paper; this technique has been used in receipt printers and label printers.