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    Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    • Author:Ella Zhang
    • Source:OCOM Original
    • Release on :2014-11-05

    Thermal transfer ribbon is also called hot stamping ribbon, short for ribbon. Common ribbon with wax, wax tree mixed base and resin base. According to the different label material, choose different ribbons.

    When buying ribbon, usually need to determine the ribbon color group (wax-based, hybrid-based or resin-based), ribbon width and length. In order to select the appropriate ribbon to obtain the best print results, you should consider the following:

    1. On what printer

    In thermal transfer printing method, ribbon and label paper in the longitudinal direction is synchronized consumed. Ribbon is a fixed length , generally the most common length is 300 meters. On the width direction, the ribbon's width should be wider than or equal label paper width, less than the printer's maximum printing width. Due to different physical dimensions of each printer, the maximum roll length may be loaded and maximum width that can be printed is different. In addition, the sensitivity of the characteristics of the operating temperature of the print head and ribbon tie will have a huge impact on the final print.

    2. On what playing surface

    In general, the coated paper surface is relatively rough, with the ribbon should use wax-based or mixed groups; and PET sheet surface is smooth, should be compatible with the use of resin-based ribbons.

    3. Graphic durability

    If you want to print out labels with better durability, you should choose a resin ribbon.

    4. Cost

    In general, wax base carbon with lowest cost, mixed base carbon belt cost second, resin based carbon with the highest cost.

    5. Label scratch, scratch resistant, smudge-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature and other requirements

    If the label scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature may often be friction on the label, it's on the need for a strong scratch resistance, then we should also choose a mixed or resin ribbon.

    6. Printing speed

    In the case of high-speed printing and high sense of ribbon should be selected.

    1) Wax-based: typically have high density, high sensitivity, application paper labels, print quality, cost economy.
    Universal wax-based thermal transfer ribbons for most thermal transfer printers, in the case of low energy consumption, this highly sensitive ribbon still achieve excellent print density and clarity. Print speeds up to 200mm / s. Heat resistance: 100 ℃, printed materials: coated paper, coated paper, melting point: 65 ℃. Enhanced thermal transfer ribbons wax-based print speeds up to 250mm / s. Melting point: 80 ℃.

    2) Mixed base: both high-quality print results and durability, widely used, price efficiency are good.
    Wax / tree mix ribbon with high sensitivity: consume less, delaying the print head life. Heat resistance: 100 ℃, printing speed: 250mm / s, printed materials: coated paper, coated paper, PVC, PET, PE, PP, melting point: 75 ℃. While pressure enhanced wax / tree mix ribbon edge pressure applied to printers, are compatible with a variety of labels, scratch and have antifouling properties. Printing speed: 300mm / s, melting point: 80 ℃.

    3) Resin: The most durable, abrasion, heat, corrosion, and some recipes can prevent vapor pressure, and some can be washed or dry cleaning.

    What mentioned above is the general situation, however there's a wide range of materials, among very different, in order to obtain satisfactory results, should be based on individual circumstances for several tests to find the right ribbon.