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    We Will Continue To Keep Service For You During Lunar New Year

    • Author:Harold Hu
    • Source:Originality
    • Release on :2018-01-31
    We Will Continue To Keep Service For You During Lunar New Year

    With the approaching of the Spring Festival,during before & later the it,the Production Department & logistical service are very busy & stressed.So,If you have any pending orders or want to plan one please contact us to arrange at the earliest of this week.

    For your urgent requests or orders,if you can confirm or order before 15th Feb,we can think of providing the special price for your urgent order.And,we will try my best to move forward on the production.It covers thermal printer,all in one POS machine,bar code scanner etc.

    Secondly-Inventory Liquidation:
    This Monday,we have checked and listed down some items which stocked in warehouse.These items can be done by very low price if you need some samples for testing.

    Item Spec Qty Remarks
    POS-B10 Win7,J1900+2G+32G+VFD Customer Display+80mm printer embeded 1 Black+White Color
    POS-A15-A Android,15"+15" Dual Screen,2G+8G+80mm printer embeded 1 Black+White Color
    POS8829-C Win7,15" Screen,2G+32G+MSR,1067u Mainboard 1 Black Color
    POS-B12-A Android,12"+12" Dual Screen 1
    OCBC-2108 110V,uv,US plug 1
    OCBC-2118 220V,UV+MG 1
    OCBC-2118 220V,UV+MG 1
    OCPP-586-P-B 58mm thermal printer 2
    OCPS-P2 Price Computing SCale with Printer 1
    OCPP-761-L LAN/Ethernet Port 1 Black Color
    OCPP-804-U 80mm thermal receipt printer 1
    OCPP-80B-U 80mm thermal receipt printer 2
    OCPP-M03-BB 58mm bluetooth thermal receipt printer(with battery,Android) 36
    OCPP-M06-UB 58mm bluetooth thermal receipt printer(with battery) 1
    OCPP-M05-BB-I 58mm bluetooth thermal receipt printer(with battery,IOS) 1
    OCBP-330-U barcode label thermal printer,USB 1
    OCBP-805-W 80mm thermal receipt printer,WIFI 1
    OCBS-C003-P-B CCD Barcode Scanner 1
    OCBS-C002-U CCD Barcode Scanner 1
    OCBS-2002-U 2D Barcode Scanner 5
    OCBS-L013-U Laser Barcode Scanner 14
    OCBS-D016-1 Industrial Data Collector 1

    We will start our holidays from 15th Feb to 21st Feb,usually the Production Department will closed from 9th Feb to 26st Feb.

    Meanwhile,during our Chinese New Year,if you have any question,need some price or files,technical support,welcome to contact me by email,Skype,Wechat and others.We will reply you at first sight of your email or message.

    And,if your country still have The Lunar New Year,Wish you and your family have a happy,great New Year.And,I believe,your side will have some different traditional folks & customs and habits with China,if you’re interest in Chinese Culture,welcome to keep in touch and interaction during the holiday.

    Harold Hu
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