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    What's the difference from graphic print and soft fonts print

    • Author:Hans
    • Source:Original
    • Release on :2015-01-16
                                       What's the difference from graphic print and soft fonts print 

    IN the thermal printer "device setting" we can choose graphic printing and soft fonts printing. graphic printing,then everything all printer will print out the form as a picture, then you can use the "graphic print" print pictures, print WordArt, as long as you can see evething will be print out, because all of pictures were deemed to print, just like a photographic print to paper. But the soft font is different, soft fonts printing must into a command to print, the fonts must be present in the printer font chip, if you need to print pictures, print WordArt these need to build through the instruction raster bitmap here, all the print content must be in the form of instructions sent to the printer. If you are using a serial printer, you will find that the use of soft fonts to print much faster than graphics printing, because the graphics print data stream great! Even print at 115200 baud rate is still very slow, but if you use soft fonts to print, then it is quite fast, because the printed text is present in the font chip, to the use of these words can be controlled by software . If you use a USB printer, then it would choose graphics printing ways. USB port transmission rate is high, the use of graphic print will not be affected by the large data stream, print up particularly fast, but also particularly easy to want to play as long as you can see what's playing what he gave you print it out