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    Why the Auto-cutter of Thermal Printer not work?

    • Author:Doris Jiang
    • Source:OCOM Original
    • Release on :2015-06-03
    Why the Auto-cutter of Thermal Printer not work?

    1)  Change printing head from workable printers to the faulty printer.

        If ok, the problem come from the printing head.

        If not , may come from the mainboard or Printing head.

    2)  Change the printing head from the faulty printer to workable printer.

        If ok, no problem with the printing head ,so the mainboard problem.

        If not, so the printing head problem.

    3)  Check if auto cutter function on from DIP switch , SW-1 on mean auto cutter on.And print a self-test ,then you can check if you set sucessfully or not.

        The following pic is for your reference:

    4)  Try to adjust the cutter, it may be loosen.